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Feminized Seeds 101

How to: breed, produce 100% female seeds, and start making your own strains!

Strains Produced by Feminetics

Feminetics is working hard to bring you cutting edge genetics through land race strains collected by hand and by hybridizing the contemporary cannabis cup winners and cash crop performers. 

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Read articles written by our Feminetics breeder at: moldresistentstrains.com !


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Access to rare, potent, or medicinal  strains? Check out: http://moldresistantstrains.com/ !

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Cannabis Pathogens

From Spider Mites to Botrytis, there is an entire world of pathogens ready to destroy the life you work so hard to care for. However, recruit the right mercinaries and you can defeat any foe keeping your product 100% organic in the process. 

Strain Hunters

Feminetics will be teaming up with none other than JayMRS himself from http://moldresistantstrains.com/ in a series of genetics expeditions from Laos to the Oaxaca highlands of southern Mexico. 

Current Breeding Programs

From hybrids to old school reboots, Feminetics is working hard to stay at the forefront of the genetics game. 

Become a Grower

New England Caregiver/Medical patient or Massachusetts resident? Want to begin growing or even breeding your own strains but not sure where to begin? Let Better Growing Solutions get you on the fast track to gardening success. https://www.bettergrowingsolutions.com/ 

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The latest in cannabis legislation.

Big Pharma

How you can help to fight back against our pharmaceutical feudal system.